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2022 Hours of Operation

May - open on Friday and Saturday (Adventure Park opens on May 28)

June-August open Thursday thru Saturday

September - October open Friday and Saturday

Major 2022 Events

May 7 - Spring Festival, July 2 - Summer Festival, October 1 - Fall Festival.

General Farm Admission Prices

$17 Adult (18-64)

$14 Senior (65 & over)

$12 Youth (11-17)

$10 Child (4-10)

3 and under free

Pass Holders free with proof of pass at check-in

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The mission of Heritage Farm Museum & Village is to be a source of hope and renewal for the Appalachian region. Home to over 15 log structures, including event space for over 500 people, 5 log cabin inns with modern amenities, a Barn Retreat Center wired with today’s technology, seven award-winning museums, Artisan Center, multiple attractions, and themed Way Back Weekends, Heritage Farm continues to delight guests from around the globe as it has for over 20 years.

By experiencing early pioneer life through our exhibits, interactive folk crafts, watching artisans at work using traditional methods, and a variety of year-round events celebrating Appalachia’s cultural heritage, we hope to instill an appreciation of the past in our visitors to create an emboldened, vibrant future.

"Amazing place, with amazing staff! A great place to learn about so much! It’s great for ALL ages, family/kid friendly, but still wonderful for adults. It’s an incredible experience in every visit. The owners and staff are patient, kind, helpful and make the whole experience something you won’t forget. One of a kind people!! A ton of stuff to do and see. We learn something new, every visit. I highly recommend this place and I’m thankful for a safe fun place our family can enjoy over and over again. Good to know, there’s still such good people in this world!"

Melissa Stephens Evans

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