2023 Regular Operating Hours
May - October: Thursdays-Saturdays (10am-3pm)

2023 Special Events
May 6th, Spring Festival
July 1st, Summer Festival
September 30th - Fall Festival
December 1st, 2nd, 8th , 9th - Christmas Village (5 pm - 9 pm)

You can arrange group tours of the Farm on these and other days by contacting us directly by phone or email.


New for 2023 - Special Tours & Experiences

Book a special experience or tour during non-operating hours at Heritage Farm. Experiences include:

General, Family & Themed Guided Museum Tours - Our guides will deepen your understanding and appreciation of Appalachia and its people.

Barnyard Basics - Help care for our animals! Join a member of our animal care team as they go through their daily duties.

Blacksmith Basics - This 3-4 hour class with our blacksmith will show you not only the skills needed, but also the lessons of faith that can be learned through them.

Click on the "Purchase Ticket" tab to learn more about these fun and educational adventures.

More in 2023!

In 2023, the fun, family friendly musical entitled "Down in the Holler," will tell the story of Heritage Farm through the eyes of its two original lovers, Mike and Henriella. Former MU professor Jesse Nolan, whose family used to come to the Farm every week prior to their move to Florida, has created a masterpiece. The two-person show is about 40 minutes long and is perfect for presentation to the general public at the Farm and motor coach groups or even as a traveling show to schools and other venues. Jesse and his wife will be premiering the show at our May 6th Spring Festival.

Read more about the origin of Heritage Farm on the Our Story page.

Our mission is to be a source of hope and renewal to the people of Appalachia by sharing their proud, rugged past with the world in ways that inspire an emboldened, vibrant future. Come join us as we celebrate Appalachian ingenuity and adventure!

"Amazing place, with amazing staff! A great place to learn about so much! It’s great for ALL ages, family/kid friendly, but still wonderful for adults. It’s an incredible experience in every visit. The owners and staff are patient, kind, helpful and make the whole experience something you won’t forget. One of a kind people!! A ton of stuff to do and see. We learn something new, every visit. I highly recommend this place and I’m thankful for a safe fun place our family can enjoy over and over again. Good to know, there’s still such good people in this world!"

Melissa Stephens Evans

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